Laser HDMI Stereo Soundbar with Bluetooth & FM Radio

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Laser HDMI Stereo Soundbar with Bluetooth & FM Radio enhances your home theatre experience with clear and powerful audio.

HDMI ARC simplifies your setup, allowing you to minimise the number of cables you need when connecting your devices.

You can connect an external soundbar to a subwoofer to experience even deeper bass while watching content or playing games.

Play music or videos directly from other sources using the AUX, optical, USB or streaming from Bluetooth.

Bring crisp sound and thrilling bass to your home theatre. Give TV Shows and Movies that extra oomph.


Supports HDMI ARC and Bluetooth connectivity

FM radio tuner

Input options for AUX, Optical, FM and USB


1x Soundbar

1x Remote

1x 240V Wall Adapter

1x User Manual

1x RCA to 3.5mm Cable

1x 3.5 to 3.5mm Cable

1x Optical Cable


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