200mm (8″) 15W 100V Coaxial 2 Way EWIS Fastfix Ceiling Speaker

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The C 2190 is a high power PA speaker designed for EWIS (fire & evacuation) installations. It is ideal for BGM, paging & emergency warning applications. The offset transformer mounting allows mounting in ceilings with limited recess space. This speaker is designed for use in installations designed to deliver both verbal and tone announcements to occupants for evacuation and alarm conditions. It is fitted with line monitoring capacitor and 4 way wire protect terminal connection.


Magnetic fit ‘edge to edge’ steel grille for a neat flush finish.
High power output
Excellent speech intelligibility
High quality speaker driver developed for BGM, paging and emergency warning applications
Flip-lock mounting system reduces installation time.
Fitted with supervisory capacitor for line monitoring.
5 year warranty.

About the Fast-Fix Flip Lock System.
Redback® “Fast-Fix” speaker utilise a time saving flip lock mounting method. It results in a finish with no visible screw heads or caps. The flip lock tabs slide outwards as the speaker is screwed into the hole, securing the speaker to the ceiling material from the top side. Suitable for use with any 8-33mm ceiling tile, including gyprock, mineral fibre or fixed gyprock ceilings. We recommend using our T 2314A holesaw to cut the speaker hole.


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