50W 100V 8 Ohm Wall Mount White Speaker Pair

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These wall mount music speakers feature exceptional sound quality for both domestic and commercial applications, such as theatre surround or bookshelf speakers, and PA sound reinforcement. They offer a stylish contoured profile together with a quick mounting bracket that virtually disappears once mounted. Each feature a 2-way speaker system for optimum frequency response and clarity. Connection is via the recessed inbuilt gold plated banana sockets on the rear. This model features a 50W 6.5" woofer and mylar dome tweeter combination. It is also available in 30W, 45W and 85W versions. The 100V line models provide multiple power taps and 8 ohm settings, easily selected via the inbuilt rotary switch. 100V line models include 45W line transformer with multiple power taps, plus an 8Ω setting rated at 50W.

All models in this range are IP54 rated for outdoor, marine and tropical applications. Grilles and brackets are constructed from marine grade aluminium and painted with long lasting industrial strength powdercoat to withstand the harshest of environments.

All models sold in pairs.


6.5" high efficiency woofer driver.
Mylar dome tweeter.
Contoured profile with adjustable wall bracket.
Recessed gold plated banana connection to speaker cabling.
IP54 rated sealed enclosure.
Marine grade rust free aluminium mounting brackets.
Rust free aluminium grille.
Industrial strength powdercoated bracket.


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