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Who’s keeping your computers at their peak..


Whether you have 1 computer or 50 at your office or work, when one breaks down it disrupts everything, it is at this time that you realize you should have spent a little for time and money on maintenance and backups.Well never fear with a little forethought you can pretty much stop the worry.

Computers are a little like your car, they need regular maintenance, and you need gauges to monitor their oil and water, and if you are driving around in a 15 year old car, you can expect things to break down. This is the same with your computer. At around 3 to 5 years in a business is a good life expectancy for a computer, they will usually last longer but that's when they become a little less reliable. Also you need regular maintenance, windows and other software needs to be updated and patched, and the fans need to be cleaned of dust and fluff.

Monitoring why and how?

There are a few self-tests that you can do check the status of your computer, but if you want a seamless background system that monitors errors, and HDD status, hardware voltages, and reports when things go out of tolerance, you need a special package or server that does all this, now for most businesses this would be cost prohibitive, but lucky for you there is another way, we have the server and software and we only charge you a per device fee, that can be paid monthly and you can go about your business with one less stress.


Do you have them, and more importantly, do they work? How do you know until your computer dies, and the backup gets plugged in and you find that it has been copying, with our Proactive service, we run regular test backup restores to make sure that they are working as they should.

so if realized how important your computers and data are, you should command have a talk to us, or call and we will come out and see your setup and let you know the best options to keep things running smoothly.

I look forward to talking to you before things go wrong..

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Saturday, 18 August 2018