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Web Pages

Web Pages

What makes a good page, how does Google work out who come first when you search, why are some sites easier to view on your phone? Just a couple of questions some of you have asked, and maybe some you haven't thought of.

When the World Wide Web started, a page was very simple, it contained information, and that was it, the internet speed was slow, we used dialup, And there wasn't many pages, we were all just amazed that we could see anything, but over time things have changed there are pages everywhere, they have video's, animations, sound, and great graphics, what makes you look at a certain page, is it just the information, or does something catch your eye.

Google think it knows what we want, so it ranks the pages when we search, by what it thinks we want, and I guess it is pretty good as it is the biggest search engine in the world, kind of brings to mind the old joke, how would we find out what happened if google disappeared?, but seriously Google looks for certain things, the speed of the page, is it multiple device friendly?, how recently was it updated?, does it have information that links to other relevant pages?, all of this is worked out by Googles spiders, they search every Website on the net, and they keep doing it to make sure that when you search you get the results that you want.

Writing these pages has also changed, the languages that are used, and the servers that they are stored on, these have all had to grow with the net, the devices we use to view the net have changed, we used to only use PC's, but now the most used device is our phones, so the pages have had to change so that we can read them on these smaller screens, so next time you go on the net, or Google something, stop and think about the pages your viewing and what went in to making them, that's if you have time…

Anyway, back to updating mine and trying to work out what will make google happy, and you!

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Saturday, 18 August 2018