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VR is the New Reality

VR is the New Reality

I have been playing around with my phone and a couple of Virtual Reality headsets, these things are a lot of fun, at the moment all I've played with is the demo's, which are a bit of fun, but don't actually do anything useful, they are designed to have that WOW factor, but really, how many times am I going to ride that same roller coaster, but then I was asked to do a quote for one of my customers who creates training modules, and that made me think how this new tech could actually be used tomake training more immersive and real.

Apart from the cute stuff that Google Cardboard can do, this is just a phone and a cardboard holder, the proper VR headsets combined with a really good gaming computer and some other new tech devices can really make you feel like you are part of the game/training.We thought surround sound was great, but sound that you can feel as well as hear, and the ability to actually walk around a virtual environment on a device that lets you without actually leaving the one spot, like a multidirectional treadmill. This stuff can have so many uses, imagine what our future Gym sessions will look like, and turning your head to look at the car that is overtaking you while you race around Bathurst while sitting in your arm chair.

The next few years will be very interesting as the price of these devices comes down to a level that everyone can afford.

Let's just hope that our Virtual Reality doesn't take over from our Real Reality.

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Thursday, 20 September 2018