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Scamware/Malware/Ransomware it’s everywhere.

Scamware/Malware/Ransomware it’s everywhere.

How do we get it, why do we get it?Surfing the internet is a minefield, looking up a new cake recipe can land you with naughty popups all over your web pages, and have your browser take you to pages that you didn't ask for, and you did the right thing by having an antivirus.

How do they get through and why? Well they usually get through because you let them, the people that write these nasties are very good at making them look like legitimate webpages or emails, so you click on them, which allows them past your antivirus, it can't block something that you said yes to, or you wouldn't be able control computer.

These emails appear to be from legitimate service suppliers, eg, Telstra, AGL, Vodaphone, your Bank, they may even have your address, full name and have the company's logo on it. This makes it very hard when most of us are now getting our service accounts emailed, so we are expecting these emails.

So what do we do, first think if you have an account with this organisation, then look for your account number, if you are still unsure, call your provider, BUT NOT from a phone number on the email, if you are still unsure, delete it.

Now if you click on it what will happen, well it depends on the links in the email, if it is Cryptolock, then all files on your computer and any external Hard Drives or USB sticks will be encrypted, and they will ask you for money to unlock them, if you give them money they may or may not actually unlock them, and they may even use your credit card to go on a spending spree.

So how do we protect ourselves, well besides checking and double checking every email and page, and deleting them, you must BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP, but not just Backup, the backup needs to be disconnected from the computer, even a cloud backup like Dropbox or iCloud is not safe, as the files on your computer will be encrypted, then the cloud program will update itself with the encrypted files.

Backup Backup Backup, and store safely, we should be doing this anyway but no one does, also Business's should think about a quality Firewall solution like the Checkpoint Firewall, this will stop the virus from being able to go online and get the key to encrypt your files, these great firewalls are a modem, wireless router, and have built in antivirus as well, every smart business should have one.

If you are a victim, come and see us, we can fix your computer, but unless you backup, all your files, photos will be gone.

VR is the New Reality
Backing up your phone.


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Thursday, 20 September 2018