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House of Marley

House of Marley

If you're looking for great sound from your phone or tablet, you have to have a look at the range of speakers from these guys, they have a set for every budget, starting at $79.95 going up to $999.00

From the portable Chant range, the Get together, and the Bag of Riddim, these speakers put out an amazing amount of sound from small portable GREAT LOOKING speakers. Then you have the Get up Stand up, and the One Foundation, these are plug in speakers that again look amazing, and sound great, the One Foundation is made from individual pieces of Wood, all the other speakers are made from renewable products, and the finish is fantastic. The only thing is the speakers are exposed, so you do have to be careful when picking them up.

Marley also have a great range of Headphones and in ear buds, all with the common theme of renewable, sustainable materials, you could almost imagine Bob with a set of these on.

I just got the new Bag of Riddim in, the old one was larger, and looked like a set of bongo drums, which was cool, but the new one is way better looking, and I couldn't get over the sound, I had it playing inside the house while we sat outside, and I could have sworn that I had the big stereo on, and it played all night up flat out on one charge.

The Chant range is great if you go camping, or if you like water sports the Chant Sport is great, water resistant and once again that great Marley sound.

You really can't go past these speakers for style and sound, and no they will not cost you an arm and a leg either.

Drop in for demo.

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Saturday, 18 August 2018