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Here’s a Nugget for you!!

Here’s a Nugget for you!!

Well someone's a happy prospector, $250,000 Gold nugget, and of course they won't tell you where they found it, well why would you, there might be more next to it, but how did they find it and what makes one Detector work better than the next.

Well there is a reason why some are dearer than others, the smarts in the controller is part of it, and the hardware that allows it to go deeper into the ground is another, the cheaper units will beep whenever they detect metal, so you will be digging for a bottle top, or a gold nugget, you don't know which, and after the 10th hole with only 10 bottle tops to show, you are quickly going to think that this is a MUGS GAME.So how does the guy next to you dig less holes, but find only coins and nuggets, does he have a better area than you?

NO. he has a better detector, his is smarter, and he can tell it not to beep when it finds a bottle top, and it will beep a different tone when it finds a dollar than when it finds a nugget, that means a lot less digging.

Minelab have been making detectors for a long time, they even make detectors to clear mine fields, so it makes sense to buy one from the people who specialize in them, they start from $199 and as they go up they get smarter, so unless you buy this as an exercise program, you will want to spend at least $399, and if its GOLD you're after $1190, although this one is on special for only $799 at the moments. WOW, you could find the next $250,000 nugget. It beats fishing.

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Saturday, 18 August 2018