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Digital TV, Still changing! 5 8 9 10 Confused

Digital TV, Still changing! 
5 8 9 10 Confused

What does it mean to us with the change of WIN and Southern Cross swapping 9 and 10 broadcasts, and why are some TV's and set top boxes not getting all the channels now, mainly some WIN and 7 Racing channel, well the change of 9 and 10 should be simple, you shouldn't have to rescan, the channels will just change, so 8 will have 10 shows, and 5 will have 9's shows. With Tv's and recorders having inbuilt TV guides, the TV will show you what is on anyway.

All this happens at the start of July, but a few months ago, WIN changed how it broadcast some of its channels, and this has caused a lot of people problems. They started to use MPEG4 compression so that they could fit more channels into their allotted bandwidth. Even though MPEG4 has been around for quite a while, it was widely used, and so many TV and set top box makers saved a few dollars by not including support for it, if you are unlucky to be effected, you will need to use a Set top box with your TV, or replace the Set top box that you have, with one that does.

If you have to replace a set Top box, it may be a really good time to get a Hard Drive recorder, these usually have 2 Tuners, so you can watch something and record something else, and then you won't need to use the tuner in your TV. There are many different types, and the ease of use varies a lot, some of the really cheap ones have very hard to use menus, and even some expensive ones are not very intuitive, so if you are not sure, come in and have a chat to one of us, we can give you some ideas, and even set them up for you.

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Thursday, 20 September 2018