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Camping & Technology

Camping & Technology

Camping, getting away from it all, roughing it, relaxing by the river.Sounds great, but is that what we do?

In the real world, we madly set up camp, then cook tea, then we might sit and have a quiet drink, then bed, which is usually an air bed with a slow leak, so that we wake in the morning, well actually awake most of the night, but we get up in the morning and make breakfast, then clean up.

If we're lucky we might get time to go for a swim, or a ride, or some fishing, then make lunch, then clean up, you get the drift, there is a lot of work to be done, and not a lot of comfort, but we love it and can't wait to do it all again next time.

How does technology make a difference out in the bush, or at the Caravan Park? Probably one of the biggest changes is in LED lighting, we used to use Kero lamps that were quite dangerous, now a $9.95 LED lamp will run for days on a single AA battery, and be enough light to see around your tent, and there are so many choices, that your mind will boggle.

Camping fridges have come a long way, they can run on Gas, 12V, or 240V, and start around $299, but the old Esky with a block of ice isn't obsolete yet, it still keeps the drinks cold, as long as your camping location has access to ice.

Then there are the things that you can do in the spare time that you have, like flying your DJI Phantom 4, its amazing the difference your campsite looks from 120m in the air, not the most useful camping tool, but a lot of fun, and you can use it to check out the best route if you are 4 wheel driving.

On my last camping trip I was at a caravan park, and so we had a powered site, it didn't take much to plug a laptop, a small portable projector, and a speaker in and we had our own outdoor cinema, the Marley Bluetooth speaker was great to listen to a few tunes with. And with a portable solar unit, you could even do this out in the middle of nowhere.

Now I know what you're all thinking, that's not camping! But I guess we are all different, and as I love my technology, I guess half the fun for me is making all this stuff work, as much as enjoying it, others may not be interested, but it's still good to know it can be done if you want to.

Camping, get out and rough it! Or not, the choice is yours, and it's easier than it has ever been.

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Saturday, 18 August 2018