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Backup Backup Again

Backup Backup Again

Sorry to harp on about this, but nearly every day we get another computer in with a failed hard drive or someone with the Cryptolock Virus, and when asked if they've backed up, no they haven't.

How often should you backup, - as often as you can't afford to lose the data, so if you do a lot of work that you can't lose, copy a lot of photo's, edit an assignment, then backup.

yes backing up takes time, but what about if you don't?

backing up can be done to an External Hard Drive, USB Stick, DVD, to a second HDD in your computer, to another computer on your network, or to a Cloud solution.

a backup can be manual or automated, as long as its done....

if you can't set one up, then phone a friend, or drop into our shop and ask us to help.


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Saturday, 18 August 2018