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Backing up your phone.

Backing up your phone.

There are more and more ways of getting all your data off your phone or onto it. But still people don't back up. Here are few simple ideas.

Apple, Android, and Microsoft all have cloud based backup solutions, Apple has iCloud, Android has Dropbox, and Microsoft has One Drive.All of these are as easy as creating a free account and loading the APP, then loading the program on to your computer, now the contents will be synced from your phone to the cloud and then onto the computer.

If you are worried about the data usage, or you have poor internet, you can now buy USB sticks that will plug straight into the charge port on your phone, these then allow you to copy straight on or off the phone, or you can keep larger movies etc. on them and watch them when you want.

Of course there is the original way, and that is with iTunes or the software that comes with your phone, iTunes is ok, but some of the other phone brands have very poor software interfaces.

If you are worried that your phone data is not being backed up, come in and have a chat.

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Thursday, 20 September 2018